What sort of theater?

"Any human characteristic is part of us. To act from a contemplative perspective is to surrender our minds and hearts to a bigger mind, to identify with interbeing, and illuminate our character's situation.
A wise parasite does not destroy its host. If we can identify with victim and victimizer, wisdom and ignorance, perhaps our audience will also. We are this planet, the good and the bad. What sort of theater can we build with this greater view?"

— Lee Worley, "Coming from Nothing, the sacred art of acting", p 80.

 Cynthia Harris, Jim Barbosa, Lee Worley, John Kramer, and John Coe in Icarus’s Mother, by Sam Shepard, directed by Michael Townsend Smith (Caffè Cino, New York, November 1965). Photo (source): Michael Townsend Smith

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