Foottit and Chocolat

"Chocolat", movie directed by Roschdy Zem, with Omar Sy and James Thiérrée (2016)

"Foottit (often misspelled Footit) and Chocolat were, at the turn of the twentieth century, the toasts of Paris; they were the clown-stars of the very fashionable Nouveau Cirque, rue Saint-Honoré. Foottit & Chocolat are often credited with having originated the classic clown/auguste association which became the norm in twentieth century’s European circus, although this can be argued: This entitlement could also be attributed (and perhaps more rightly so) to their rivals at the Nouveau Cirque, Pierantoni & Saltamontès. Yet, Foottit & Chocolat were instrumental in the development of classic European clowning during that period, and they still personify today this important milestone."

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