Clown Duende

«Duende» is something we can not define, but can recognize when we experience it, something which exist through times, cultures and kinds, belonging to no one, not even to the one who is living it. It is a kind of grace, something that goes through.

Clown evokes the paradox of deep sadness and joy united. Clown is present. Ordinary and simple. Letting things be, come and go like a mirror reflecting things as they are. Unbearable tenderness. Dancing in the sky's vastness, laughter arises, echoes and disappears.

 Dream of Firebird - Drawing @ Emeric Thuret

Emeric Thuret is Petso. In his life clown appears with or without red nose, inviting and offering opportunities to meet, laugh and love.

The art of clown came to Emeric unexpectedly in high school, in France, when his mathematic teacher proposed theater clown classes. Ever since, Emeric have been studying and traveling through graphic school, sociocultural anthropology, circus pedagogy, dance, drawing, meditation and clown.

Selling performance tickets, taking care of children, serving and selling organic food, driving a yellow school bus, dancing, painting, teaching circus, the clown continues to make its journey within.

Petso Dreaming Show - Photo by Martha Wirth

“A clown is a poet in action. He is the story which he enacts. The clown teaches us to laugh at ourselves. Joy is like a river: it flows ceaselessly. It seems to me that this is the message which the clown is trying to convey to us, that we should participate through the ceaseless flow and movement, that we should not stop to reflect, compare, analyze, possess, but flow on and through, endlessly, like music. This is the gift of surrender, and the clown makes it symbolically.”

~ Henry Miller “The smile at the Foot of the Ladder”
Petso Dreaming Show - Painting @ Emeric Thuret

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